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Top 10 Best MCB In India and MCB Brands in India – 2020

We are here comes with the Top 10 Best MCB in India and Top 10 Best MCB Brands in India list of 2020. In this dedicated article, you should found Top 10 Best Selling MCB and RCCB switch in India reviews, Brands information and price list to best buy from India’s Biggest eCommerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon.

However, A miniature circuit breaker or MCB automatically switches off the electrical circuits whenever an abnormal condition of the network which means that overload condition also as faulty condition. Today we use an MCB in a lower voltage electrical network instead of any fuse. However, the fuse may not identify it but MCB does it in a more reliable way. Moreover, MCB is much more careful to overcurrent than a fuse which prevents a short circuit.

  • The Top 10 Best MCB list is given from the analysis of Consumers Report and the brand’s sales stats.
  • However, We time to time updates this list so that you get the most updated results to make your purchasing decision.

List Of Top 10 Best MCB in India Reviews & Best Price For You

The List of Top 10 MCB in India is given below,

  1. Siemens Plastic 16 A 1 Pole MCB (White)
  2. Legrand Polycarbonate DX 3 63 A 4-Pole MCB Isolator (Standard Size, White)
  3. Havells DHMNCSPA006 PVC Plastic 6A SP C Mini MCB (White)
  4. Havells DHMGCDPF032 PVC Plastic 32A MCB DP C Curve (White)
  5. LIFEGUARD RCCB & MCB, RCBOs 63 AMP With Over Voltage Protection, FR Grade PBT Cabinate (Din rail & Screw…
  6. Orient Electric DPC 63A Plastic MCB Double Pole C-Curve (White)
  7. Anchor 98004 Polycarbonate 1-Pole Uno Series Mcb, 20 A (White)
  8. Schneider 10A SP C-Curve ACTI9 10kA MCB
  9. Anchor 18119 1 Pole Gold Series C06 MCB, 20 Amp, White
  10. Orient 32 A Electric Home Safe Mini MCB with Enclosure

List Of Top 10 Best MCB Brands in India

Hey stalker, we are here with the list of top 10 best MCB Brands in India for you. The list of best mcb brands in india are discussed below,

1. Legrand (No.1 Best MCB in India)

Legrand is a french based company that markets globally. It is the biggest globally for electrical products like switches and sockets, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and distribution boards (DBs).

However, it ranks the second position in India on switches & sockets and the first position on MCBs. Legrand service is trustable and secure with thousands of positive reviews. They are well known for the best mcb switch in India.

2. Havells India Limited (No.2 Best MCB Brand in India)

Havells India Limited is a renowned and one of the biggest electrical appliances companies in India and having a good existence all over the world. Moreover, they manufacture a vast range of items like Home and Kitchen Appliances, LED lightings, Fans, MCB, RCCB, Modular Switches, cable, and wire, switchgear, induction motors and lot of electrical appliances. In India Havells India owns some popular Indian brands like Havells, Crabtree, Standard Electric, Lloyd, and Promptech. It produces world-class products in electric home appliances.

Havells has 23 branch offices and a total of 6000+ workers in over 50 countries. Their service is very quick and good. Due to quality products their customers love to buy again and again from Havells.

If you are finding the best mcb in India then Havells India is another leading company in this race.

3. Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (No.3 Best MCB for Home in India)

Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd which is the main subsidiary of Panasonic Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Panasonic gained Anchor (fifty-year-old Indian electrical equipment brand) in 2007. Panasonic is the chief of electrical items producing all over the world.

With Panasonic’s elegant technology and Anchor’s boundless customer support network in India, Anchor Panasonic today provides a seamless and extensive range of electrical equipment, switchgear and protection devices, MCB, wires & cables, lamps, lighting, and luminaires and fans. It also sells home automation items from Panasonic India.

In addition, It is the most trustable and secure electric mcb brand because of the performance and customer’s positive reviews of the products.

However, The modular MCB switches produced and designed by Anchor India which comes in a variety of designs.

4. Siemens MCB

Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices all over the world. The main divisions of the company are IndustryEnergyHealthcare, electrical equipment, and infrastructure & Cities. 

Siemens Mcb and Rccb are one of the most demanding MCB in India.


Mld is another one that is well known for MCB and RCCB in India. Their Model Automatically Switch OFF Your Main Supply during any type of overload, high voltage & Short Circuit Condition. Moreover, Their product has electric shock protection and high voltage protection which prevents any type of accidental short circuit.

6. Life Guard MCB

Life Guard MCB’s are another great option to buy in India. However, Life Guard MCB prevents electric shock (human safety), short circuit up to 10ka, overload protection, un-wanted high voltage spikes, two phasing protection, ground faults, earth leakage, and power wastage. These are the essential for everyone who works with electricity.

As the name says that it is a life guard and not only they say but also they work as your lifeguard. They are a little bit costly than normal but works really like a guard of your life.


Rmg MCB can be the ideal solution for your home and office because of its longer-lasting and durability. This MCB is a high performing thermal-magnetic current limiting device with the ability to prevent short circuits.

A timer is an automatic mechanism for activating a device at a preset time. Stop Timer Controller which has MANUAL ON and AUTOMATIC OFF function for the set time. It needs an operator to set time and to start the timer manually. Moreover, the controller keeps the motor pump in ON condition for the set time and automatically switches OFF the motor. It is also popular as Automatic Turn OFF Timer.

8. Generic MCB

Generic MCB is another well-known brand for its longer-lasting and durable nature.


Safetyguard is owned by Ghonia Group and they are providing electrical goods since 1987. It is a renowned electrical and Mcb company in India. Their MCB protects against electric shock, short circuit, unwanted over-voltage, and high voltage spikes, overload protection,  ground faults, two phasing protection, power wastage, and earth leakage.

10. Bitcorp

It can secure your PC, peripherals, heavy appliances like refrigerator, microwave, TV, motor, washing machine, and various home gadgets & appliances. Integrated with 6 amp fuse, havells reo/ anchor brand polycarbonate unbreakable material switches, and sockets. with havells /anchor 16 amp 3 pin top. 4 sockets and 2 switches with indicator and 25 amp MCB 12 modular. Heavy-duty PVC box. ISI Certified 1.5 mm full copper 3 core wire.

Now, You just got the top 10 different and Best MCB brands in India. Thereafter, How to buy this best MCB Brands from amazon?

How to buy Top 10 Best MCB in India From Amazon.in

  1. Firstly, Select your desired MCB Brand you want to buy
  2. Check it is available to deliver on your pin code or not.
  3. Thereafter, if it is available on your pin code just Click on the buy this from the amazon button link.
  4. Now, you’ll be redirected to amazon.in and just click on add to cart button to add on the shopping cart.
  5. Then, log in or sign up on your amazon.in account and enter your delivery address so that amazon can deliver your item.
  6. Finally, select your desired payment method to pay the amount.
  7. Place the order and your order will deliver within 2-4 days.
  8. Now, You’re secure from any kind of accidental electric shocks, over-voltage, and more problems.

Why you should Buy Above Mentioned Top 10 Best MCB from Amazon India

  1. Our list is the Best Selling MCB in India’s largest eCommerce platform called Amazon. This online website helps you to select the best in the Indian online bazaar.
  2. The top 10 listed Best MCB’s are the most popular and Best MCB in the online shop in response to based their sales and reviews on Amazon.in. The Top 10 ranks list is updated from time to time so that you can get the exact most updated list of top 10 Best MCB to make your purchasing decision quick and easy.
  3. You should get the quality assured items every time whenever you make decisions to purchase from Amazon India. Amazon is a favorite shopping destination for online Indian Shoppers.
  4. Buy hassle-free The Top Selling Best MCB products of the top brand at amazon.in, because this entire top 10 list gives you a better option for buying an appropriate item online.
  5. Top Brands which is shown in the top 10 Best MCB lists are the highest selling items in India at Amazon.in which provides you with selecting the right product.
  6. You do not require any other help to buy Best MCB online in India market because above are the top-rated highest quality brand list of Best MCB in India.
  7. However, do not hesitate to buy Best Mcb in India. Moreover, Just Include yourself in the list of happy customers at amazon.in by purchasing Best MCB online.
  8. In addition, there is 10 Days Easy Replacement available on amazon India if you don’t like the product. so what’re you waiting for, just buy from the best mcb Brands in India.
  9. Pay on delivery is also available at your doorsteps.

We’ve already discussed the top 10 best mcb in india list and I think you all will get benefit from all the top 10 brand list. However, You can also Read, Top 10 Best Football Shoes Under 1000 Rupees in India.

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