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Top 10 Best Football Shoes Under ₹1000 in India – 2021

Best Football Shoes Under Rs. 1000 in India : Most of the Beginners get confused when they are going to buy football shoes/Boots/studs/cleats from the sports shoe store/shops or any shopping mall because there are a lot of football brand shoes are available on market and selecting one of them is really not an easy task. That’s why we have listed the Top 10 Best Football Shoes Under 1000 in this detailed article.

However, Try to understand detailed info to buy the best and cheap football shoes ever which are discussed below.

Do You Know How to choose the best football shoes?

As a beginner footballer, you need to choose very lightweight and made for easy to run on any type of surface football shoes. The right football shoes can help you by gripping the playground and helps you to control the ball. The perfect shoes are the key to handle the ball and protect your feet while you’re playing.

Quick Tips and Reviews for choosing Best Football Shoes:

  1. The comfort feeling Lightweight for forwarding position players.
  2. Check Products Quality and waterproofing
  3. Looks give more self-confidence during playtime. So, always go with stylish looks
  4. Check always Heal Hight suitability for comfort use.

Top 10 Best Football Shoes Under 1000 in India

In this list, you’ll get all the best and cheap lightweight shoes that will protect your feet on any kind of surface. If your budget is between Rs.500 to Rs. 1000 then you can easily get a good pair of boots. To Get grips on different kinds of surfaces, different kinds of sole plates are used. Hard ground shoes, soft ground shoes, and indoor practice shoes are different from each other. They are different in the use of fixed/adjustable shoes, sole material, sole shapes, etc. Thereafter, you need to choose your best shoes based upon the surface you’re going to play.

There you can easily choose the best football shoes from top brands in India like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Nivia, Vector X, Sega, etc. It doesn’t mean other less known brands shoes are bad, they are also making good quality of boots in the market. However, if you have better budget you can buy these top running shoes under Rs. 2000.

1. Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Studs (Black/Orange)

If you are looking for the best football shoes under 1000 rupees in India then Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Studs (Black/Orange) is a good choice at this range of budget. The upper material of Nivia Premier Carbonite Range is made with Pvc synthetic leather. The Shoes Inner sole is Non-woven insole. It is designed for mostly practicing or playing on hard grounds. Nivia Premier Carbonite Range football shoes perform very well on the playground and suitable for hardcore beginners. It also helps you to run faster with its great grip and prevent injuries.

2. Nivia Men’s Blue and Green Football Boots

Nivia Men's Blue and Green Football Boots

This Nivia Men’s Blue and Green Football shoe is well known for comfort playing on hard grounds. Also, it is very long-lasting shoes and very popular among football freaks. The color is very eye-catching and when I was a beginner, I had two pieces of this football stud which is really cool and also it is one of the best football shoes for playing on hard grounds.

However, Nivia is always known for the best quality and in this list,  you will see I had chosen 85% Nivia shoes for Football beginners. The sole is very good quality and does not wear out too much after a lot of rough play. The shoe itself has not torn and I never have had any need to get it stitched which I usually do around this time but the shoe shows no signs of wearing out. It really has a very bright fluorescent sole with 12 studs. Rough play does not affect it too much. These shoes are good for training purposes and I feel that it is a great deal for beginners.

3. Nivia Ditmar Football Shoes, Men’s(Yellow/Blue)

 Nivia Ditmar Football Shoes, Men's(Yellow/Blue)

Nivia is underrated in Indian Sports Bazaar but really trust me they are one of the best available on the market. None of Nivia Football Shoes ever disappointed me and all these pairs of studs are one of the best available there. As a forwarder, you need to be a good shooter on hard ground and this shoe is good for shooting, running, passing and really very comfortable. It’s very tough to stop while running or moving with this great Nivia boots. Studs are also very good and extremely comfortable. The color even looks better than images. If you’re looking for the best shoe under 1000 rupees then don’t even need to think for Nivia Shoes. Just go for them.

4. Vector X Volt Football Shoes

Vector X Volt Football Shoes

Vector X Is One of The renowned Sports Brands in India Who Provide Stylish And Creative Sports Gear To Most Of The Beginners Sports Players As Well As Advanced. As A Brand They Have Produced Thousands of Sports Gear Which Have Been Used by Numerous Famous sports personalities.

It has Soft Inner Lining & Made of Synthetic Material which provides more comfort for beginner’s footballers or runners. Its high traction sole helps to grip securely. This pair of Vector X shoes come in a stylish blue color that is designed with round patterns.

This stylish pair of football shoes comes with 14 synthetic studs on the sole. The studs help to better grip and also helps you to keep balance while you play. It comes with the brand logo on the toe and heel cap as well which looks stunning while playing on the ground. You should get a better grip and control, especially on turfs. It is a great deal for most of the beginner footballers. Therefore Don’t think much, Go for it.

5. Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

In our list of top 10 best football shoes in India under Rs. 1000, dominator takes place in the 5th position. The full dominator edition is truly designed for professional sportsmen. However, its Superior Underfoot Traction offers stability and grip on all types of natural surfaces. Also, it has a soft inner lining with quick dry-out fabrics. It has Groovy upper design for outstanding ball control and tackling in the play ground. Ball control is very smooth and shooting/chipping the ball can be done with ease. Don’t confuse it with others it is made for pro gamers as well as for beginners.

6. Sega Port Unisex Spectra Black PU Football Shoes

Port Unisex Spectra Black PU Football Shoes

In this top 10 best football studs list, Sega football shoes are another great option for daily practices. Sega football shoes are known for lightweight and stylish. As you can see this product is looking very stylish and it also gives a lot of motivation with the texture “Fighter” during playtime. Most of the beginners like this cool and aggressive football boots of Sega. However, If you want good quality and cheap price football shoes, then it is one the best choice to go with Sega Fighter Football Shoe.

7. Nivia Pro Encounter 4 Football Stud For Mens

Nivia Pro Encounter 4 Football Stud for Mens

Nivia is always great for start in under budget and Nivia pro encounter 4 is on the 7th position on our list of top 10 best football shoes under 1000 rupees. It’s TPU Outsole is good for Playing on Synthetic turf and hard playground. Also, It’s PVC Synthetic leather upper prevents water retention with a Nonwoven waterproof insole board. Good for Fast runners and it prevents you from any kind of injuries. Very Very Comfortable and looks professional. It is another Best for a budget under ₹1000.

8. SEGA Spectra Football Shoes (Red)

SEGA Spectra Football Shoes (Red)

SEGA Spectra Football Shoes is on 8th position in our list of top 10 best football shoes under 1000 in India. It is a very good quality of shoes by sega. Its outer material made with synthetic and inner material is made with cotton and leather quality is really awesome. Its classy looks always give you positively on the ground and comfort in use. If you’re looking for the best and cheap football shoes then it is another great choice to be with.

9. Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes For Men’s

Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes for Men's (Black/Silver)

Vector X is designed for the fastest and most elusive players in the playground. This pair of football studs from Vector X features studs on the sole that provides high traction. Unique, stylish and trendy design and most noteworthy its durability that makes Vector X much more highest position in India. They are made with synthetic leather. Each and every shoe comes with flexible traction that is configured with studs for better ball control on firm ground, artificial grass, practicing ground and hard ground. Moreover, The outer layer part is very soft and padded which gives a comforting feeling while wearing and running in the ground.

10. SEGA Football Shoe for Men and Women Football Shoe by Sage Sport

SEGA Football Shoe for Men and Women Football

Sega football shoes come with all sizes with an eye-catching design and here is SEGA Football Shoe for Men’s and women’s. The outer material is made up of synthetic and inner material is made up of cotton for comfort usage. In addition, there are two colors are available red and blue, both look classy. Your feet will always be at ease and looks very attractive whenever you step up with it on the ground. It is Crafted from high-quality material, it is slip-resistant, lightweight and is just right when you desire to make a compelling style statement.

However, always try to consider your playing position & style of playing when you’re choosing Best Football Shoes Under 1000 rupees in India. Weight is another factor that helps you in running and comfortably playing on the ground. Always choose lightweight football shoes when you’re playing on a forward or wing position.

Note: If you found any shoe is out of stock please comment below and we will update the link or add any other shoe which will help you in your football journey.

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