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Why is Lainey Wilson Called a ‘Dump Truck’?

Lainey Wilson, the fast-rising country music singer and actress, has recently become known by an

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 15 Min Read


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What Happened to Popular YouTuber TTF Vasan? Is he Alive?

Popular Tamil YouTube star TTF Vasan has been critically injured in a horrific bike accident

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 9 Min Read

Who is TTF Vasan? Has TTF Vasan (Twin Throttlers) Died in a Bike Accident?

TTF Vasan, the wildly popular Tamil YouTube motovlogger renowned for his death-defying bike stunt videos

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 8 Min Read

Top 10 Most Daring Motovloggers in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu's motovlogging scene is thriving, with talented content creators taking to two wheels to

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 13 Min Read

Who is the No. 1 Motovlogger in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has a thriving community of talented motovloggers. But one star stands out from

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 7 Min Read

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The Reason Behind Tamannaah's 3 Crore Salary in Jailer Movie? Is It All for Kaavaalaa Song?


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1 Article

A Diamond in the Rough: Finding Samurai in Aladdin?

Disney's animated classic "Aladdin" whisks us away to a vibrant tapestry of Arabian nights, filled with magic, adventure, and romance.

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 4 Min Read

21 Savage Accused of Scamming Adin Ross With Marked Cards

Rapper 21 Savage is facing backlash after being accused of cheating popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross with marked cards during

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 3 Min Read

Quaden Bayles Controversy on Bullying Scam: Know the Story

In February 2020, a heartbreaking video of 9-year-old Quaden Bayles went viral globally, bringing attention to the devastating impacts of

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 6 Min Read

Ryan Piasente & Revolt Creator Scam Exposed by Coffeezilla

Ryan Piasente, the manager behind prominent YouTuber collective Misfits and popular merch company Revolt, is facing serious accusations of fraud

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 5 Min Read

Sandipta Sen Ties the Knot in Fuchsia Banarasi Elegance

In a picturesque celebration of love and commitment, renowned actress Sandipta Sen exchanged vows with her longtime love, Soumya, at

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 2 Min Read

Rittika Sen Lights Up Film Festival on Her Special Day

Actress Rittika Sen, known for her charm and acting prowess, celebrated her birthday on 5th December in a unique way

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 3 Min Read

‘Lambo Guy’ Under Scrutiny: Is LMCT+ Legitimate or a Giveaway Scam?

Adrian "Lambo Guy" Portelli seems to live a charmed life. With his $39 million Melbourne penthouse, fleet of supercars and

Shreya Roy Shreya Roy 5 Min Read